Organ Appeal

It is over 40 years since the organ was last rebuilt and the dust from many years of use has settled in its pipes and mechanism, and the thousands of moving parts and electrical and leather components inside the instrument are now seriously decayed. 

A restoration of the organ is now essential, if we are to uphold the high musical standards of this church and if we are to do our part – as our forebears have done – in preserving this historic instrument for future generations.

We are about to commence the rebuilding of the historic ‘Father’ Willis organ, which will enable us to continue our long tradition of providing choral music.

How you can help?

Any donation that you are able to give will help us on our way, but you might like to:

  • Preserve a Pipe for £100
  • Adopt a Stop for £1000
  • Make a donation of your choice to help preserve the unique sound of our organ
  • Consider leaving a legacy

To find out more or to donate, please download the St Peter's Organ Campaign leaflet.