The Girls' Choir

The Girls’ Choir was started in 1999 and performs at a very high standard. It has an excellent spirit and sense of fun and members all take great enjoyment from their work in choir. They too normally start in years 3 or 4, but, like the boys, some choristers do come to us much older than that. They can continue in the choir until they reach 18, or the equivalent of the end of year 13. Choral scholarships are available for girls in the Sixth Form. Like the boys they sing in exciting places and have an annual summer week singing at a Cathedral. Girls from year 7 upwards sing Evensong every Wednesday at 5.15pm.

Weekly timetable for girls during term-time:

Girls and men sing on two Sunday mornings and two Sunday evenings each month.


All girls year 7 and above
Rehearsal at St Peter's School
Rehearsal at Church
Choral Evensong

8.30am (optional)


All girls

4.45pm – 6.15pm


Choral Eucharist
Choral Evensong

11.15am (rehearsal 10.30am)
6.30pm (rehearsal 5.30pm)